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  • Hazan Adam Hazan Adam under the Bolti Bridge - we get around! August 2014
  • Belinda Van Schalykwyk Belinda Van Schalykwyk took her friend with us to Frankston Vicroads Licensed Feb 2014 K2D lesson with dad also.
  • Laura Laura at Oakleigh Vicroads Many thanks for the note her work colleague found on a back of a car now made up as a sticker!! Oct 2013
  • Christina Prasatzis Christina Prasatzis great drive in Carlton April 2014
  • Nikki Taylor Nikki Taylor Vicroads Carlton April 2014
  • Etka Thomas Etka Thomas defeats all goals set! Well done in Carlton April 2014
  • The 150,000 Keys2drive lesson Julie accepting the 150,000 Keys2drive lesson. Thank K2D for the flowers! March 2013
  • Kate Tartus Kate Tartus Film and Graphic Design Director of Wemco the Film! Sept 2014
  • Natalie Grantham Natalie Grantham a natural! Had to keep telling her to stop frowning!! A licence in Carlton Feb 2014
  • Hazan Adam
  • Belinda Van Schalykwyk
  • Laura
  • Christina Prasatzis
  • Nikki Taylor
  • Etka Thomas
  • The 150,000 Keys2drive lesson
  • Kate Tartus
  • Natalie Grantham
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Nikki Taylor
Nikki Taylor Nikki Taylor Vicroads Carlton April 2014
Nikki Taylor Gallery: Face-Book Description: Nikki Taylor Vicroads Carlton April 2014
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