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  • master of Street Performance Overseas Festivals Oakleigh Vicroads Feb 2014
  • Sarah Taha Sarah Taha Broadmeadows Vicroads With mum on a Keys2drive lesson also. Feb 2014
  • Emily Thornton Emily Thornton - did we go to Packenham Vicroads? How did we end up there..,oh You booked it! Lol April 2013
  • Hazan Adam Hazan Adam under the Bolti Bridge - we get around! August 2014
  • Natalie Grantham Natalie Grantham a natural! Had to keep telling her to stop frowning!! A licence in Carlton Feb 2014
  • Etka Thomas Etka Thomas defeats all goals set! Well done in Carlton April 2014
  • Belinda Van Schalykwyk Belinda Van Schalykwyk took her friend with us to Frankston Vicroads Licensed Feb 2014 K2D lesson with dad also.
  • North Melbourne August 2014 Julie North Melbourne August 2014
  • Nikki Taylor Nikki Taylor Vicroads Carlton April 2014
  • Sarah Taha
  • Emily Thornton
  • Hazan Adam
  • Natalie Grantham
  • Etka Thomas
  • Belinda Van Schalykwyk
  • North Melbourne August 2014
  • Nikki Taylor
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MS Queenie
MS Queenie MS Queenie Frankston Vicroads July 2014
Docklands Sept 2014
Docklands Sept 2014 unday afternoon in Docklands Sept 2014 history
Cindy Tran
Cindy Tran Cindy Tran - Many thank for information on good lunches in Melbourne! Feb 2014 Sunshine Vicroads
Hazen Adams and mum
Hazen Adams and mum Hazen Adams and mum. Keys2drive Lesson. Adam continues his 120 hrs in manual. 30 hrs with me and he is shinning!
MS Queenie and Julie
MS Queenie and Julie MS Queenie and Julie July 2014
Alice Wood
Alice Wood My Manual Star, Alice Wood continues her 120hrs Albert Park 2013/14
Gaia Whitehead
Gaia Whitehead Gaia Whitehead - Oakleigh Vicroads James her husband also licensed Carlton Vicroads 2013